Wisdom Tooth Removal Singapore– The Overview

Wisdom Tooth Removal Singapore– The Overview

The dentist will suggest a wisdom tooth removal Singapore when the tooth is erupted partially since bacteria will act upon this partially erupted tooth which can cause further infections which could lead to a serious problem if it got down to the surrounding bone.

The benefits of getting your tooth extracted

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  • If you are undergoing a tooth infection, ignoring it might lead the infection to be spread through your entire mouth. Getting your tooth extracted can help you protect your other teeth from severe damage.
  • If your tooth has been infected badly or in case of severe damage done to the root canal getting your tooth extracted is the only option you are left with.
  • There could be many other complications too which could cause severe damages in the mouth leading to diseases too. Getting off with the wisdom tooth too is a wise decision that one has to make here are some reasons as to why this should be done:
  • Overcrowding: When the wisdom tooth comes out they try to make their way through an area which has already been crowded. When the nearby teeth are pushed aside that leads to the misalignment of the teeth.
  • Tumors or cysts: If the wisdom tooth is impaired then it can lead to pain in the joint or tiny tumors or cysts in the jawbone.
  • Difficulty to keep up with the oral hygiene: There is very little space available so it is difficult to brush or get the area around the wisdom tooth flossed.
  • Inflammation and bacteria: Wisdom teeth often lead to the inflammation of the gums. It could lead to some gum diseases which could give terrible pain or even other health related problems. Once the inflammation gets in it spreads quickly in the areas that surround the wisdom tooth. If there is bleeding of the gum the risk of bacteria is also high which will lead to serious infections causing health issues.

After your tooth has been extracted the area has to be kept hygienic so that infection doesn’t occur. Ice pack can be used in case of swelling. This can be done alternately for around 5 – 20 minutes as an off and on procedure to reduce the swelling that is caused. Your dentist will also recommend you on eating cold and soft foods for a few days. Under normal instances the discomfort should be less within a few days to 2 weeks. But if there is a prolonged pain or swelling due to the wisdom tooth removal singapore do consult your dentist a soon as possible.