Things to Consider Before Investing In a Hypobaric Chamber


If you have been considering getting your own hypobaric chamber to use at home so as to ensure you gain the maximum benefits from using one regularly, it is important for you to bear certain things in mind before making the purchase. This way you will be investing in a hypobaric chamber that will meet your needs.

The duration of use of the chamber

Are you buying the chamber to be used for a specific reason, such as training for a specific event or do you have a member of your family who has a brain injury and will be using the hypobaric chamber for a long time? If the chamber you will be getting needs to serve you for years, it is important to get one that is designed to serve for a long period of time.

The size of the chamber

This will be determined by the number of people who will be using the chamber. It is also important for you to consider if they are only adults or will children be using the chamber too.  The hypobaric chambers come with different specifications such as if the people who will be using it will be using wheel chairs or not. All these considerations are important otherwise you will be stuck with a chamber that has insufficient space.

Hypobaric chamber

The room you are considering putting the chamber

Since the temperature in the chamber will be higher than that or the room where it will be situated, it is important for this room to be adequately air conditioned or ventilated. The size of the room should also be big enough for the size of hypobaric chamber you are considering to get. You would not want to fit the hypobaric chamber if is small area with barely enough space to move around.

How sensitive are you or others who will be using the chamber to pressure changes?

This will determine whether you need a hypobaric chamber that has automatic compressions and decompression for your comfort in the room. You should insist on getting a chamber that will allow you to control the pressure within and outside the chamber. The company you choose to buy the hypobaric chamber from should also give you accessories to use on your ears to reduce the impact of pressure changes.

The entry point to the chamber

There are some chambers whose entry point is at the top while others are on the side. Will children and the elderly be using this chamber or is it just physically fir people? Convenience is very important so you should ensure the entry point is accessible to everyone using the chamber and they should find it easy to open and close the door.