Muscle gain

Huge effectiveness of anabolic steroids and corticosteroids

Anabolic steroids are identified as artificial variants that are quite similar to the male hormone testosterone. By “anabolic” it is meant muscle building and the androgenic properties are referred to the male sexual features. These compounds are generally recognized by names like Roids, Stackers, Gear and Juice. In some instances, physicians suggest these steroids for treating hormonal problems like deferred puberty. However, anabolic steroids are widely used for treating illnesses that result in muscle loss, like cancer or HIV/AIDS. There are numerous bodybuilders and athletes who habitually abuse these compounds to enhance their performance or sometimes to augment their body look.

Abusing these compounds sometimes lead to problems like hair loss too. Medically, this term is known as androgenic alopecia that causes the beginning of hairlessness in people of both the genders. Compounds such as Trenbolone, Anadrol and Dianabol largely contribute to this problem and they further complicate this problem. Due to this, numerous bodybuilders are shifting their attention towards the natural substitutes of steroids that do not cause any negative side effects.The natural steroids that are automatically produced in your body are known as corticosteroids. Users noticed hair growth after taking steroids and they are also effectual in fighting different illnesses and diseases.

hair growth after taking steroids

Abusing anabolic steroids

The anabolic steroid abusers take these compounds either through injecting or taking them orally and their dosages are 10-100 times more than the physicians’ recommended dosages for various treatment. Some abusers take these compounds as a gel, patch or cream. However, there are athletes who desire to avert unpleasant side effects through these methods:

  • Cycling – In this method, anabolic steroids are taken for a specific time period, stopping their usage and starting again.
  • Stacking – In this method, users combine a couple of or more than two dissimilar compounds.
  • Pyramiding – In this method, users slowly increase the dosage to reach the highest volume and then slowly narrowing down the dosage.

Difference between the two

Anabolic steroids are commonly called anabolic androgenic steroids and there is a huge difference between the working mechanisms of these compounds and corticosteroids. A common example of anabolic steroid is testosterone. All humans produce this compound but laboratories produce the chemical composites that are used to cure many illnesses. Moreover, they are found in numerous forms and all the forms are effectual for many years. Though anabolic steroids and corticosteroids are looked upon as the same yet they have varied impacts. Corticosteroids are quite unlike testosterone and estrogen and this hormone gets manufactured in your adrenal gland known as cortisol.

These compounds are found in medications for lessening problems like swelling and act like lifesavers for numerous people. When taken improperly, they can emit dangerous side effects like osteoporosis, high blood pressure and diabetes. Countless performance-seeking athletes take the help of anabolic steroids for shedding weight, grow endurance and of course, for massive muscle mass. Like corticosteroids, the impacts are unbelievable but you have to take them cautiously as they can cause problems like hair loss. A routine for the prevention of hair loss is averting higher dosages of anabolic steroids. On the other hand, users have observed hair growth after taking steroids like corticosteroids.