Cosmetic Dentistry

Top five types of cosmetic dentistry procedures for a beautiful smile

Cosmetic dentistry has created a revolutionary change in the word of human beauty. Teeth disorders such as discoloration, stained tooth, chipped or broken teeth, etc. significantly affect one’s self-confidence, and by cosmetic dentistry, you can comfortably overcome all these annoying problems.To gain more information about the cosmetic dentistry services, you can click here.

Dental veneers 

Dental veneers make the teeth beautiful and help maintain the teeth’s strength. The veneer strengthens and protects the remaining tooth structure. Veneers are used for fractures, severe caries, and cases where the crown of the tooth is damaged, etc. With the coating, a more beautiful smile and teeth are achievable.

 In veneering, first, the decay is removed, then the molding is done, and finally it is installed. With dental veneer, teeth return to their standard shape and form. Dental veneers have various types, which are mainly used in two materials: ceramic and metals. One of the advantages of ceramic veneers is its natural appearance. In ceramic coating, metal is sometimes used to enhance its properties.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth scaling

By scaling, plaque is removed from the teeth.Generally, teeth scaling is very useful for beauty. If the dentist does not remove the plaque from your teeth, it will turn into hard deposits over time.

The presence of plaque makes the appearance of the teeth ugly. However, plaque not only affects the beauty of your teeth but also causes other diseases and complications. For example, dental plaque causes bad breath and the destruction of the gums. There are some devices specifically for teeth scaling in a dentistry office. Today, with laser technology, scaling is done more appropriately.

Cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening

Bleaching eliminates teeth’s discoloration. Teeth whiteness makes a face more attractive. The best advice to get rid of unusual tooth color is to whiten it. Aging, genetics, poor oral hygiene, medication, and smoking are all reasons for tooth discoloration.

Teeth whitening in dentist’s office is done with bleaching fluid. Some people think that teeth whitening causes damage to the enamel while using the right methods reduces enamel damage. One of the modern technologies used in teeth whitening is tooth laser. The laser increases the success rate of cosmetic treatment, which reduces the risk of tooth damage and dental allergies.

Tooth beauty with dental laminate

One of the ways to achieve the beauty of teeth is to use dental laminate. Laminate is a thin layer of ceramic or composite that is placed on tooth enamel. Laminates are used to eliminate imperfections such as wrong tooth color or correct tooth height, caries and dark tooth colors. Laminates will give the patient a wonderful smile.

Orthodontics in cosmetic dentistry

One of the goals of orthodontic treatment is to remove the misaligned teeth and properly jaws placement. Orthodontics improves the appearance of a person’s mouth and face. The degree of misalignment and the space between the teeth and age are among cases that influence the orthodontics treatment duration. With dental orthodontics, in addition to the teeth’s beauty, the teeth’s lifespan is increased, and the skeletal abnormalities of the jaw are eliminated.