Is it possible to Google your memory?

Sometimes we may forget even the simple things that we are using in our day to day life. It is not possible to remember everything that you see and also it has to be taken care. According to the research it has been found that the things that are used for getting proper access can help you to remember everything that you use. You are human not the computers or the machines to remember everything that you watch every day. When you try to remember these things then you will be able to get better solution.

Computer accessible human memory

Think how amazing it will be if you are able to remember everything that you are seeing. You might not have forgotten the days that will remind you about the old things. In the past decade you might have remembered everything that makes you memorize your data and also the cell phone number. The above mentioned scenario happened before the invention of computers and the cell phones. Lot more Information like your birthdays and other important occasions are remembered with the help of brain and the functional activity of the brain was high when compared to the other services.

Computer has won the battle of memory and it has been found that the brain will not be able to remember the things that are saved in the computer’s memory. The manipulation and the storage capacity of man are much higher when compared to the man made computers. You can easily lock the machine with the help of safety lock and also it will be able remember it for a long time. The machine can be accessible to anytime whereas the human memory will gets erased overtime and also it is similar to the RAM of a computer.

Memory patter of everyone would like to be changing every year and you will be able to make use of it. When you are using these services then you can make it possibly work and also it can help you with its better services. This pattern can change over long run and you can remember only few things that have happened to you. One must rely on the technology to make better use of these services and also it will help you better. With this easy to use services you can possibly make it work and it will help you for achieving easy to use solution.