Dental Implant

For and Against about the Dental Implant

Losing one or more than one tooth is often the most dental worrying cases for the patients. A tooth loss is an inevitable event. This event may occur due to an accident, age, trauma, tooth decay, gum disease. But the bright side is that there is a perfect treatment for tooth loss. The cause of tooth loss is not important. For whatever reason you have lost your teeth, applying the dental implant will restore your self-confidence. However, like any other advancement in technology, there are some for and against about dental implants, which are discussed below in detail by an Oakville dental implant specialist.

What is a dental implant? A root replacement for a lost tooth. Dental implants are increasingly popular for solving oral health problems. Restoration of normal function and appearance of damaged or lost teeth makes them a great option. There are other positive points for this treatment.

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Teeth are used to produce the distinctive features of many of the sounds that make up spoken language. Once you have lost your teeth, you may experience difficulties while talking and chewing. This is a very severe problem that can be solved by dental implants. A dental implant’s function is exactly like your natural teeth, so there won’t be any difficulty with chewing or talking after applying it.

Dental implants will be matched to your natural teeth’ color. So it is a cosmetic dentistry advantage for dental implants. The majority of patients care about the color of the replacement tooth, and when they are reassured that the tooth color is considered in the dental implant, their anxiety is relieved.

Dental implants get affixed to the bone since they are inserted into the jaw. This procedure makes them as sturdy as natural teeth. So in case of well implanted and considering good oral hygiene, they can last as long as natural teeth.

Brushing and flossing dental implants are as easy as natural teeth. Unlike dentures, there is no complication for their cleanliness.

Along with these positive points, there are a few setbacks. Dental implants should be fused with the jawbone, and this procedure takes a long period (six months). So Dental implants need long patience.

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Are you suffering from diabetes? If yes, you are not eligible for dental implants. Some certain diseases should be considered before applying the dental implant. So if you are suffering from any disease, inform your dentist in advance.

For applying the dental implant, the patient should undergo surgery. However, it is considered safe; subsequent problems cannot be excluded. There are some severe risks such as bleeding or infection, which can get higher by smoking or ignoring oral hygiene.

Dental implants are not necessarily costly, especially compared to other dentistry methods. However, the more the lost teeth number gets, the higher the cost gets.

The Final Say

Nowadays, dental implants are increasingly popular for solving oral health problems. Although there are a few cons related to dental implants, it is worth taking the risk compared to the pros.