Everything About the Emergency Contraception Pill

Everything About the Emergency Contraception Pill

Low-dose oral contraceptives are one of the contraceptive methods. It is commonly called a pill but recently called an oral contraceptive. OC is the contraceptive method chosen by many women around the world because it is highly effective among various contraceptive methods.

What is an emergency contraceptive?

Emergency contraception is a contraceptive method used when contraception fails, such as sexual intercourse without contraception. Taking the emergency contraception pill within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse shows a contraceptive effect.EC method that is usually performed. Choose a more effective method, such as on, for normal contraception.

Where can you get emergency contraceptives?

emergency contraception pill

A doctor’s prescription is required to get an emergency contraception pill. Please check with each medical institution for the cost of self-funded medical care (insurance is not covered).

What are the side effects of emergency contraceptives?

Symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, headache, nausea, fatigue, and sleepiness may appear. These symptoms are usually temporary, but if the symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

What is an emergency contraceptive (after pill)?

Please consult a doctor, such as seeing a medical institution to confirm that there are no abnormalities in pregnancy. Human sexual intercourse can be done not only for the purpose of pregnancy but also as communication. If you do not want to become pregnant, you will be contraceptive. However, contraception may fail due to various reasons such as not being able to contraception or condoms coming off.

There are two types of this after-spill.

  1. It is a drug called “emergency contraceptive”, and it is a drug (SOH-075) that uses levonorgestrel as an active ingredient. It was developed in France and sold in about 60 countries under the name “Norrevo”, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has completed the trial and applied for approval (although victims of rape cases have been able to obtain emergency contraceptives at public expense since April 2006).
  2. The other is a pattern called “morning-after pill” and taking oral contraceptives (pills) with the amount of hormone concentration that can achieve the same effect as emergency contraceptives. This can be done by using a medium-dose oral contraceptive rather than a low dose due to the hormonal amount contained in the preparation.

In addition, since the emergency contraceptive pill is a drug taken for contraception purposes before implantation is established, the purpose is completely different from the abortion performed after implanting and the pregnancy is understood. And Japan, as an advanced country, has become the only country that does not approve of emergency contraception.