Everything about the Dental Implant Procedure

Different Types of Dental Implants

Have you ever lost your teeth? Or do you miss one of your teeth? How can you replace the empty place of your missed and lost tooth? According to gathered information and professional dentists’ opinion and experience, a dental implant is the best solution and replacement for missed and lost teeth. What do you expect from this dental procedure? If you choose an implant as your replacement method, you need to get familiar with its step-by-step instructions and guide. The implant procedure is a long process. It will start with a consultation with a skillful dentist and finishes with the final restoration. Dental experts providing dental implants service in Vancouver state that cosmetic dentists use different materials to perform the implant process on their patient’s teeth. Losing your teeth makes life hard because you cannot bite and chew correctly and efficiently.

Moreover, your teeth alignment won’t be satisfying for you. Lost and missed teeth can affect your facial appearance. Therefore, it is an excellent time to alter your condition and try implants.

What to Know about Dental Implants?

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How do you feel about your smile? Do you have enough self-confidence while you laugh? Which way do you choose to replace your missing or lost teeth? As we said, dental implants are the best way to replace lost and missed teeth.

The implant is recommended to replace your lost and missed tooth efficiently and professionally. The implant is an artificial tooth that attaches to your other teeth and jawbone. Dentists will locate the screw as your dental root.

It is a dental surgery to locate and put the screw as the dental root on the jawbone near the other surrounding teeth. Note that implants cannot fix the place of your lost and missed teeth very soon.

The recovery time from dental surgery is long, complex, and painful. It may take several months to fit the place of the missed and lost teeth. Your jawbone grows, and you get familiar with the new artificial teeth securely.

Different Types of Dental Implants

The implant is a metal part in your mouth that fills the gap between teeth. The best and most important types of artificial teeth are divided into 2 categories based on the obtained information.

  • Endosteal: These artificial teeth are the best choice for locating them in your jawbone. As the gathered details report, endosteal is the most common implant. Dentists use small screws to replace your real and natural teeth. Most of these implants come from titanium materials and are safe enough. Dentists put this implant via dental surgery. Don’t underestimate their abilities.
  • Subperiosteal: the other and second kind of implant is suitable for locating on the bone. If you don’t have a healthy jawbone, you need to use this kind of implant and support your gum and other teeth. Dentists will locate the implant under your gum. Don’t be scared; you won’t need to drill your jawbone to find it.

Finally, you can locate implants on both sides of your mouth (up and down). The recovery time of this dental procedure is 3 to 9 months.