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4/20 Biggest Cannabis Sales Day – No Surprises There

An annual report that tracks U.S. cannabis sales reveals that April 20 was the single largest sales day in 2021. No surprises there. April 20, also known as 420 to the greater cannabis community, is considered an unofficial marijuana consumption holiday. It stands to reason that sales would be exceptionally high on that day.

As for the remaining four dates among the study’s top five, all seem completely reasonable given what we know about marijuana consumption. One thing we can say with confidence is that U.S. cannabis users are collectively spending billions of dollars on their drug of choice every year.

More About 420

The owners of Pure Utah, a medical cannabis pharmacy in Payson, Utah, say that the 420 holiday dates to a group of California high school students who used to meet at 4:20 PM to go in search of a legendary cannabis field outside of town. Eventually, the number itself became code for discussing marijuana in the presence of people who were against it. It has since become symbolic of the greater cannabis community.

Even though 420 was originally linked to a time on the clock, it was eventually adapted to the calendar. Thus, April 20 became the unofficial holiday for purchasing and consuming cannabis around the country. It should be no surprise that cannabis sales topped $111 million in 2021. Expect sales to be even higher in 2022.

The other top sales days in 2021 were:

  • Black Friday – $99 million
  • Green Wednesday – $98.2 million
  • December 23 – $94 million
  • September 3 – $90 million.

Exceptionally high in Black Friday sales make a lot of sense. Black Friday is the nation’s busiest shopping day, bar none. People looking to spend would obviously think of cannabis, if they are users. As for Green Wednesday, it is the cannabis industry’s version of Black Friday. The interesting thing about it is that Green Wednesday and Black Friday are bookends to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Cannabis Sales Day

The Other Two Days

December 23 came in fourth place. If you are the kind of person who likes to enjoy the holidays with a little bit of cannabis, purchasing on that particular day makes a lot of sense. You could get enough cannabis to get you through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, knowing that dispensaries will either have limited hours or not be open on either day.

As for September 3, that was the Friday just before Labor Day. Again, stocking up on that day makes sense. Labor Day weekend is traditionally a three-day weekend for most. Some people take a fourth day just to make the weekend longer. Buying enough cannabis for the entire weekend make sense on the Friday before Labor Day.

We Are Using a Lot of Weed

Regardless of where you stand on the whole recreational and medical cannabis issue, there is no denying that we are collectively using a lot of weed in this country. The fact that the industry generates tens of billions of dollars annually says it all.

While the industry is certainly helped by the fact that thirty-eight states have legalized cannabis in one form or another, the black market is still going strong from coast-to-coast. There is no telling how high the monetary value of the market would climb if illegal operators actually reported their sales. It is almost unimaginable.

April 20 was the single largest cannabis sales day last year. It is likely to be the single largest sales day for 2022. After all, it is the unofficial cannabis consumption holiday. What better day to buy your weed than 4/20?