Day: April 15, 2023

Is it possible to create a fake pee on your own?

Nowadays, to make our work easier, everyone is looking for options. That way, the best synthetic urine will help you pass drug and adulteration tests. Do you know why these drug tests are held? In many countries, companies don’t want their work disturbed by appointing employees who consume drugs. Thus, they ensure they take these tests to ensure their employees are drug-free. You need to take a sample of your urine, test it in the laboratories and provide a certificate that you do not consume drugs. Some companies offer you work if you’re not a drug addict. This article will help you to provide a solution for these situations.

Synthetic urine:

Fake pee (synthetic urine) is a kit available in powdered and liquid forms that will help to create fake urine with all the requirements, the same as in real pee. You can use these to develop instant fake pee with colour, PH, temperature, and odor like real urine. The quality of the product is such that the laboratories cannot identify that these are fake. You can prepare fake urine by using the powdered form. The instructions to prepare the solution will be mentioned in the kit. Once you follow the instructions carefully, it is assured that you can pass the drug test. The liquid form is more advanced to use since it is ready-made. You need to shake, heat and provide it to the laboratories.

Two men back in prison for trying to cheat drug tests with Whizzinator and fake  urine

Components in fake pee:

The manufacturers ensure the presence of all the components, the same as in real urine. None of the features will miss out on the fake pee, so that you can provide them without fear or tension. The ingredients such as urea, sulfates, ammonia, uric acid, and nitrates are in the proper ratio in fake pee.

Final words,

Choose the best synthetic urine and pass all your health tests. Faking a test is not legal, and you can use them as a source for emergencies. Choose the one that will suit you at that time. You can choose powdered form if you have time for a drug test and liquid form if you want to produce urine for urgent tests. You can use these kinds of techniques for emergencies, but it is better to throw the drugs. Addiction to drugs may cause your life. Be safe, and don’t get addicted to drugs.