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What You Can Do If You Have A Family History Of Heart Disease


Diseases and conditions related to the heart are becoming quite common nowadays. While worsening food and lifestyle habits may seem the main cause, the genetic history of heart diseases remains immensely influential. In this article, we will try to discuss the impact of a family history of heart disease in your life and what you can do to save yourself from the associated risks.

What Is A Family History Of Heart Disease?

As per the name, a family history of heart disease refers to being a part of a family that shares consistent heart-related diseases in different generations and members. Having a family history of heart disease means that you are at a higher risk of developing heart disease such as damage to the tricuspid valve.

If one or more family members in your immediate connections like siblings or parents have been detected with a heart disease before 60 years of age, you might have a possibility of sharing the same risk. In family history, you may get affected by inherited genes through shared environments. In an inherited gene, different genes combining may have passed through a generation that you may have acquired and thus may develop heart disease. In the case of a shared environment, you may have acquired certain genetic environments that may cause the development of heart related diseases like weakness, inactive lifestyle, blood pressure, etc.

tricuspid valve

What Can Be Done?

By having a family history, you remain at higher chances of developing heart-related issues in future. However, by understanding your genetics and the risks, you can also choose to adopt a healthy and preventive lifestyle to remain immune to any heart conditions such as heart attack, blockage of arteries, or contradiction in the tricuspid valve. First thing first, always opens up about your family history to your doctor and get a proper medical check-up done. While doctors usually recommend getting a heart check-up after or between the age of 35 or 45 onwards, with a family history, you may consider getting it checked sooner.

Here are some ways in which you can minimize your risk of heart conditions:

  • No smoking
  • Less consumption of alcohol
  • Eating healthy meals
  • Eating foods good for your heart
  • Follow a strict exercise routine
  • Stay happy and stress-free
  • Manage blood pressure and cholesterol

Following a conscious and heart-healthy lifestyle will certainly help you manage any heart-related possibilities.


Many people fail at identifying their risk of developing heart-related diseases. Being conscious and aware of your family history will help you acquire the right understanding of potential risks your body may succumb to in future. Further, performing heart check-ups will help you follow certain ‘good for heart’ lifestyle and food habits and reduce the chances.

Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Specialist Everything You Wanted to know

What are the symptoms that indicate an ankle fracture, who is in the risk groups, how to treat a slight or complex fracture in the leg and how can an ankle fracture be prevented in the first place? We brought you the complete guide.

Rehabilitation Treatment by an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist depends on its location in the leg and the exact severity of the fracture. The severe fracture may require surgery to implant plates, rods or screws into the broken bone to maintain correct positioning of the bone during fusion.


If you have an ankle fracture or a fractured foot, you may experience some of the following symptoms:

Solid and immediate pain that increases during activity and decreases during resting, and dark builds, deformities, and difficulty walking or carrying weight should contact the orthopedic foot and ankle specialist if the pain and swelling persist for more than a few days or if the pain interferes with walking.

orthopedic foot and ankle specialist

The common causes are:

  1. Road accidents-injuries common in road accidents may require surgical repair.
  2. Falling-stumbling can cause a fracture in the ankle or leg and landing on the legs after jumping from a high altitude.
  3. Injury of a heavy object – dropping a heavy object on foot is a common cause of fracture in the ankle or leg.
  4. the Wrong step – sometimes, treading incorrectly on the leg can cause bone fracture. Many toes break when people come across furniture. Improper rotation of the ankle can also cause a sprain or fracture.
  5. Over-straining common stress fractures in the bones in the ankles or legs, which carry the body weight. These tiny cracks are usually caused over time by over-exertion, such as long-distance running. These fractures can also occur in activating normal force on a bone that has already weakened from some disease, such as osteoporosis.

The following factors may increase the risk of suffering a fractured ankle or leg:

Participation in competitive sports– the batting and falls that occur in football, hockey, football, tennis, and basketball are common causes of foot and ankle fractures.

The use of improper sports equipment – defects in sports equipment (such as shoes, which may be too worn or not to the proper extent) can cause stress fractures and falls. Incorrect training techniques, such as too fast heating, can also lead to fractures in the foot and ankle.

In certain professions – dangerous work environments, such as construction sites, can increase the risk of falling from a high altitude or dropping heavy objects on their feet.

Best ways for Better able to metabolise

Have you ever wondered how some people can eat without gaining weight? The answer is their good metabolism; it is a chemical process that occurs in your body to convert your food into energy. The key to good metabolism is nutrients and a healthy diet.

A good metabolism person would not have excess fat and have a healthy body immune to many health problems. So, now you must be wondering what to do so your body will be Better able to metabolise and boost your metabolism.

 Ways to Improve your metabolism

  • The choices of your food
  • Metabolism-boosting supplements
  • Your habits

We will talk about each way to understand what you need to do to improve your metabolism.

Food choices

Protein-rich foods

Eggs are rich in protein, and protein-rich food is good for metabolism. According to science, proteins are most effective for boosting metabolism. Other than eggs, you can also include milk, soybeans, vegetables, etc.

Better able to metabolise


Flaxseed contains protein, vitamins, fiber, and various other nutrients essential for body functioning. Flaxseeds are good for increasing metabolism and reducing fat. It is beneficial for diabetic and cardiovascular diseases.

Chilli peppers

Chilli peppers have compound capsaicin, which improves metabolism and appetite. It is also found that the compound helps in weight management as it reduces calorie consumption if you eat it before your meal.

The best way to improve your metabolism through food is to include high-protein, nutrients, and fiber-rich foods like lentils, leafy vegetables, nuts, etc.


Drink more water

Drinking water can improve your metabolism by up to 25%. It is best to improve your daily water intake, and you will easily enhance your metabolism.


Sleep is essential for smooth body functions. If you have enough rest, you will function well. Sleeping also maximizes your metabolism and improves your appetite.

Be more active

A regular walk or run can help you in your metabolism. Simple aerobic and cardiovascular exercise can also help you in boosting your metabolism. Exercise burns calories and improves metabolism, so don’t be lazy and be active.

Metabolism Boosting supplements

There are various metabolism-boosting supplements available on the market that can naturally boost your metabolism, such as PhenQ, LeanBean, PhenGold, etc.

But be careful while choosing the supplements always go for top natural brands as they are unlikely to show any side effects.


So, to improve your metabolism, eat healthy & nutritious food, drink more water, sleep early & wake up early, be more active, and if needed, take supplements.

Learn From Where To Buy Morning After Pill Now

Having sex is a prevalent thing. People also talk about sex more actively now. People are not worried about talking about sex more openly. They talk about sex freely. When two people are aware of their actions, they can do anything. If the people know their decision can have a nasty and negative impact, then it is their own choice. The consequences of having sex should also be known to both people before they do it. People should be fully precautious while having sex. One should be protected while having sec. There is no need to have unprotected sex. If a person does have unprotected sex, it should be with a person who is well tested. If a person does have unprotected sex, then to avoid getting any unwanted pregnancy, it is best to take a pill. The most common question is from where to buy morning after pill Now.

where to buy morning after pill

Learn About Pills Now 

Medicine has advanced so much. There is a medicine for most of the common issues a person might ever face in life with time. There are so many things that a pill and any other medication can have on the person consuming it. On most people, the pill is safe. Sometimes there can be a severe reaction on any person and their body as there are always exceptions. There are so many reasons why it is the best choice for most people. These reasons are listed down below as follows:

  • If a person is sure that they don’t want the kid for them, it is best to take the pill.
  • Sometimes, people prefer to have sex without any protection to feel each other fully. There are restrictions and barriers when there is protection involved. If a person wants to feel the skin, they will not use any protection to be safe during such time it is preferable to take the morning-after pill.
  • The morning after pill has immense wonders. It stops and prevents any unwanted pregnancy.
  • If the person is not sure about the contraceptive that it may have been torn, then it is best to take the morning-after pill during such situations as well.

There is no harm in keeping safe than risking everything for the future. If the future lies in the hands of the person in the present, they can make amends and change their future in the gift itself—no point crying in the future.

How to Get the Best Hair Loss Treatment

More than three million dollars are spent trying to cure hair loss every year. Studies have shown that ninety-nine percent of the available products and products have failed in the hair loss market. It is an incredibly frustrating problem for those who suffer from thinning and hair loss.

Most people with this condition also have to deal with the emotional consequences of hair loss.

Hair loss is a stigma many find hard to overcome, and while some men are happy with their baldness, others are devastated by it. Hair loss is embarrassing and hard to accept. Then no! There are several treatments available to stop, slow down or reverse hair loss, and with a little research, you can find the best hair loss treatment for your needs.

Hair loss is a dynamic and relative condition that is different for most men. While some may lose hair in certain areas, others only experience hair thinning, and still, others have to deal with complete hair loss, which usually occurs over time. To find the best remedy for hair loss, you should first consult a doctor specializing in this condition to determine the type of problem and how serious it is. It is also important to investigate the causes of thinning or hair loss before deciding and treating it.

Hair loss may be due to several factors, from malnutrition to stress and genetic predisposition. Before considering treatment, take the time to consider your specific cause. Maybe you should explore these possibilities first. If you think you’re a good candidate for treatment, then it’s time to find out which treatment is best for you. Need the best hair loss treatment in Singapore? Check out Two Herbs.

 Hair Loss Treatment

Available treatments include shampoos for thinning hair, baldness stimulating creams, and grafts for complete hair loss and loss of follicles. Thickening shampoos are best for thinning hair without noticeable or uneven shedding. Growth promotion products, usually in creams, stimulate hair follicles that have trouble growing hair shafts.

Transplantation is a much more expensive and invasive form of treatment in which a portion of the hair with attached follicles is taken from the back of the hair. The follicles are then separated into individual hair plugs and surgically and strategically placed to fill the bald patch without living hair follicles.


Regardless of which treatment you’re considering, it’s important to get the facts and talk to your doctor about your specific situation. Hair loss can be a tricky and frustrating thing; save yourself the pain by finding the best hair loss remedy for you and your situation.

Kausthub Desikachar: The Adoption Of Yoga Techniques Into Viniyoga


Viniyoga is the procedure of performing yoga techniques. The difference between regular yoga and viniyoga is the more adapted and evolved form of yoga. Yoga consists of some holistic tools such as Asana, Chanting of mantra, meditation, culture, religion, philosophy, etc. These tools are adapted and tailored to meet a particular person’s physical and mental needs. Viniyoga was developed by Sri kausthub desikachar during the 20th century. It was an attempt to unify the people who wanted to learn holy rituals and meditations involved with yoga but did not want to be called a part of a group. However, viniyoga is a branch of yoga, and its core principles are adopted directly from yoga.


Yoga is defined as practicing physical, mental, and spiritual exercises. The practice is believed to be an immortal culture. However, the earliest records suggest the existence of yoga as early as 2700 B.C. It is a result of the cultural and philosophical development of the Indus Saraswati Valley civilization. The ancient roots of yoga form the basis for revolutionary exercises and postures. This is because the ancient civilizations are believed to be equipped with detailed knowledge of body postures, practices, and their effects on the body. This enabled them to develop a strategy to maintain their physical, mental, and spiritual health consecutively.

kausthub desikachar

The Modern Yoga

Modern yoga has been divided into several groups, such as hatha yoga and viniyoga. The hatha yoga refers to the practicing of physical forms of yoga. This form of yoga is often used to introduce beginners to the poses and meditation exercises involved with ancient yoga. On the other hand, viniyoga is developed by Sri Kausthub Desikachar as an adaptation of ancient yoga. It combines the meditations, exercises, postures and focuses them according to the capabilities of the person performing them. Hence such a form of yoga is used for professionals who want to have a close and intense encounter with the tools of ancient yoga.

Benefits Of Yoga

There are numerous benefits of yoga ranging from physical to mental and then to spiritual gifts. However, all these different benefits are rooted in various exercises and asanas related to yoga. Some of the expected benefits involved with the most common of the asanas are listed below:

  • The flexibility of the body increases dramatically.
  • The strength of body muscles increases.
  • Metabolic processes function smoothly.
  • The immunity of the body increases and resistance to diseases builds up automatically.