Technologies that Help Stimulate Hair Growth
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Technologies that Help Stimulate Hair Growth

Your hair completes your overall look. If there is something wrong with it, you will lose your confidence. With this, it is important that you consider methods to help stimulate its growth. You can start changing your lifestyle habits from drinking water to eating lean proteins.

Aside from that, you should wash your hair regularly and avoid rubbing it with a towel. More importantly, you should forget about submitting it to constant heat because it can damage the hair. If nothing seems to work, you should utilise modern technologies to help you stimulate hair growth.

Here are modern technologies that you should think about:

Laser hair growth therapy
Laser hair growth therapy is the most popular non-invasive technique. This hair regeneration technique seeks to deliver beams of red and infrared light energy to your scalp. This is to provide healthier scalp conditions.

This technology works because laser light at specific wavelengths can entice hair re-growth. This technique is considered gentle. With this, it does not cause any discomfort or side effects. The biggest selling point is it can generate noticeable results within several weeks – with continued application.

High-frequency hair growth treatment
This treatment is mostly utilised by barbers and hairdressers. This treatment involves the application of low-level electrical current to the scalp, which can revitalise the inactive hair follicles by increasing blood circulation.

If this treatment is considered, it will purify the oxygen molecules that are delivered to the skin through a special glass electrode. Ultimately, this can facilitate exfoliating the scalp area, opening up the pores and eliminating the toxins. These will allow the hair or scalp treatments to penetrate deeper.


The easiest way to stimulate hair growth is vitamin and mineral supplementation. This approach seeks to maintain an adequate level of vitamins and minerals to keep the scalp and hair healthy. Supplementation is also beneficial for those with normal vitamin and mineral levels if they want to improve the condition of their hair.

Hair transplants
The introduction of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) revolutionised hair transplant technology. This procedure involves harvesting single hair follicle at a time from an area of healthy growth. After this process, the follicle is relocated to where they are most needed.

This procedure is an ideal option for those who have receding hairlines. You should not worry because scarring with FUE is very minimal and in most cases, it is painless. It is effective because the follicle is transferred immediately, which reduces its chance of damage.

3D printing hair transplants
While this is a relatively new technology, it holds a potential especially for patients who do not have enough hair available for other methods. 3D printing transplant starts by digitally mapping a person’s scalp to determine where the components need to be placed. After that, follicles will be printed for implantation. The printer utilises bio-ink.

Hair loss can be devastating for many. For those who think that it is hopeless, modern technology holds a promise. The key to stimulating hair growth is awareness. Choosing the right technology involves thorough research to make an informed decision. You should consider hairverse for more information.