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Knee walkers better for mobility

Those who are facing a knee, foot, ankle or lower leg surgery or injury can make use of the knee walker instead of the crutches to move around. These mobile aids are known to give people independence and also help in healing the injury. The knee walker looks like a child’s scooter with an elevated platform with pad for the users to rest their knee comfortably. The best part about a knee walker is that no upper body strength is required so there is no chance of back strain and fatigue.

Those who cannot move around because of surgery or injury then they can read about the knee walker here; here one can also get a few selection tips regarding the same.

Selection tips

As there are a variety of models to choose from so you can test drive the models and keep a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can try riding it and see whether you are exerting energy or not. One should not feel any strain while riding it.
  • You should feel stable when you are stopping or resting with your knee resting on the pad.
  • The knee pad should be supportive and also provide capability to adjust the height of the knee walker.
  • The handlebars should also be adjustable in order to get the best possible fit and function.
  • Test the handlebar brakes to make sure they are right and operate well.
  • Do not forget to see the warranty period attached to it so that you know what exactly is covered in it.

Benefits of a knee walker

  • Maintain good posture- Those who use a knee walker, stay in an upright position with shoulders back and the leg standing in a comfortable position. Using crutches makes the body stiff and sore.
  • Helps in recovering- It is best to recover from a foot or a knee surgery and is the first thing that a doctor recommends. The knee walker provides a comfortable padding where one can easily rest their knee; this prevents it from bearing the weight.
  • Helps in moving- The knee walker can move on all surfaces whether even or uneven; grassy or dirty. One can experience ease and range of motion while using this knee walker which makes one confident in moving around without the fear of falling down or losing balance.
  • Storage facility- Most of the knee walkers come with a basket which helps one to carry around books, groceries and other items.
  • Speed and ease- The knee walker comes in 3 to 4 wheels; so it becomes easy to cover a large distance in a short period of time; they are fast and efficient and save a lot of energy.

So don’t hobble when you can walk as a knee walker is of great help and support and is better than a crutch; this is the best place for buying knee walker for personal use.