Just The Motivation And Rep Count Or Something More?


Change is always something we as humans are always hesitant to do. As a matter of fact, change is the only thing in the world that is actually real and is the only thing in the world that is stable and sustainable without any discrimination or external entity. Without change we would still be the creepy crawlies that haunted the seas and would the world would be a different place altogether. Why does this uncontrollable urge to become adamant at the very mention of the word ‘change’ to not do anything out of the comfort zone? This comfort zone is not natural and people have built for themselves and is something to laugh about. In the modern world, especially in the field of fitness, the very notion of fitness itself is making changes to your life and implementing something you have never done before or stepping out of your comfort zone, and pushing that little bit more because the Personal Trainer Toronto is not ready to give up on you to get that last repetition. No one is born with the carbon copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique or the strength of Ed Coan and lives his or her entire life with that same trait. Everyone and these successful people built it with change and decide to adopt something different than what they were entitled to.

The Nice Patch Of Comfort Zone

Stepping out of the comfort zone is an awkward thing and since the art of fitness requires that to happen, we can assume it is something that we are most afraid of. Having a professional Personal Trainer Toronto gives you an edge in this matter. They will make sure that the change you are so afraid of is not something to be afraid of and is natural and inevitable for success. Without the help of these personal trainers you would be like headless chickens in a barnyard and hope that someone catches you and makes a delicious dinner out of you.


Naturally, the famous saying that, “if you want to experience change in your life, you have to change first”. How can one expect greatness if they are not willing to take the first step? It is quite ironical to think that you can achieve great things by being just the way you are and not trying something new.